Friday, July 1, 2016

July A brand new start!

2016 Make It From Your Heart Convention was nothing short of AMAZING!

     Do you ever need that little pick me up? How about a full blown creative smack in the face? That is how I felt during my 1st Close to My Heart Convention. I had a blast and have just now unpacked all the goodies that we received this year! Trust me, there was quite a bit! My mind is still reeling from all the inspiration and information that has been jam packed in there! 

     This year our convention was held in Orlando Florida! Which for me is just an hour drive west and worth every mile I put on my car! I remembered not being able to go to convention because for the past two years it has been in California. Boy was that a mistake! If you doubt yourself or your business. DONT! Close to My Heart is an extraordinary company, or maybe I should say family. That is what you feel like among 700+ women that have been consultants, directors, and above for just a week, month, year, 25 YEARS! These are not just women. They are true artists. What they can do with color combinations and paper is fantastic! While I wish I could show you all the great things we have seen and participated in this year it will have to wait. The quality products that we previewed and played with are not even released yet! Fret not however, I will tell you all about it the first of next month. :)

     One little highlight I can tell you even though it may seem small to some it was definitely worth the late nights I put in making 25 cards to "Swap" at convention! And you think 25 is a lot! HA! I assure you it is not compared to what some of these women put together months in advance! Here is a little peak at my contribution!

Let there be CHAOS!

Just a few simple pieces!

A little Poppy of color! ;)

And a lot of embossing!

Everyone's favorite 3D Foam Tape!

And the final touch!

Thank you Close to My Heart and every person that attended the 2016 Convention. Thank you for making it the best!

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